Saturday, December 5, 2015

Large Progress Update

314th Clash has entered heavy development lately. There's too much to cover at once, so what I'll do is show some screenshots and let you piece together all the crazy new stuff that's being implemented.


I could embed this new trailer.


But also, we'll add a couple screenshots.
Coolarooni, huh? Keeping in mind, this is all in progress, so some graphics will be inconsistent.

Want a real twist?
I'm not the twist, not the real one. I'm just a bit of foreplay. Heh.

The real twist is that...
This game will at long last have a brand new OST instead of using music from other things. Jake "MoneyMenace" Gamelin, the composer behind Menagerie: Remastered's highly received OST and the music for Perseverance in all of it's forms, has offered his services for the Clash to come.

Expect another large progress update around Christmas.

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