Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Biz-con 2016

What a day! So for those of you unaware (which is probably all of you) I went prepped with 96 printed business cards, a limited cherry-pick portfolio and a game to a semester 2 student showcase as a semester 1 student, naturally, I only took those things along IN CASE the opportunity presented itself to show off my valor.

Arriving early, most of the computers had been reserved... but three were not, I chose to boot up one, and with the game I had on my flash drive, make a public sort of 'booth', to add to the effective drawing power, I had the game full-screened on the title screen, and my business cards and portfolio neatly scattered about the new three PC hegemony I'd unofficially asserted myself onto.

I had a player before the event even began.
Left is the game being played, the screen to the right is an unused booth. To the further left is another person who just started playing.

Having hijacked the captive minds of this place, when 6:00 PM struck, and the event did so start, the computers here over were in constant use, one guy got SUPER into it, loved it to death, hugged me three times for giving him such an experience. (I'm not joking) I also got to play games by my previous peer group, whom are all becoming exceptional at what they do. The event was a blast, I was willingly robbed of over 12 of my business cards, not expecting going in to fritter off even one. From teenagers, to old folks, to middleys, everyone was playing or watching this go down at one point. I got a lot of questions, lots of attention and good feedback, way too many smiles. From some shy players who played further than anyone, to some who got caught up in the charm of what they did see, it really felt like I was a developer who did beknowth his shit. And, maybe I do?? But the face to face social camaraderie and seeing the laughter and smiles I brought to people, it was incomparable to the more analytic ever-grasping avarice-powered struggle for contempt that it is on the net, my hope is that-- this story, when read- may captivate thy fellow gamedev to understand that: if you think honestly, what you've made is incredibly good, that you must persevere, there are so many ways to get your name out. if even one of the 15 or so people who played tonight likes and plays this game when they get home, and word of mouth gets around, the epidemic may explode, it may not, we'll see! Regardless, the joy I felt watching people legitimately cue in line for the booths to play my game-- and the excitement riddled on their faces when they learned it is available for free online, and handing them the option of a card, truly-- it was my first go at being a booth manager at a con, sure- I was unofficial, but it was a samey experience! It was incredible, I got a lot of praise for the bright cartoony antics, let's have a look at some more photos I made sure to capture as this all got more opulent.
On the left booth there (booth #2) you can see below the monitor what is a portfolio, to it's right, in the same place, accompanying a vaguely familiar bottle, is the assortment of business cards. You can also see a boy and a girl playing the game, the fella on the left got the farthest, reaching a good way into act 1.

All eyes on the attractive, visually warped yet stunning game you didn't even know existed, but now ya do! I meant to compliment the right most dude on his radical braids, but I forgot. If you're reading this fella with the radical braids, you're braids are awesome!
Like the above, all three booths are filled with an ensnared audience. Capturing these moments felt like I was being a huge weird creepo with a camera. But I wanted to share this moment.
So in other words. The Printing, Laminating, Cutting and organizing the 96 of these:

Absolutely worth it! I also managed to complete the rest of my folio thanks to a printing shop, since mine ran out of ink. All the little hiccups and trials I faced, during the course of the day, and staying up since 4:00 PM the day previous, all more than worth it for this...

This was a sensational night. There's nothing I can really say to describe it beyond what I have already. There's a sense of euphoria here-- and with words, it cannot be told.

-Biz out.

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