Saturday, January 21, 2017

No Regrets So far!

In fact I've had virtually no time to work on Fantasia due to this.

Here's some of what I've got done.

-Remastered Battle Engine
-Re-Implemented Auto-life, no more bugging and deciding not to work at various intervals.
-Physical Reflect in, Magical Reflect is baseline with RPGMV.
-Attack animations now use pictures, and your currently equipped weapon will have a unique icon when it's a throwing item.
-Sequences for most of the iconic skills are now done, this includes rollout, green pummeling, fist of the beef gods, green gustow, trufflephoria, green denouncement, bomb frenzy, soul siphon, pepper paw, zealotry, rain of stars, charge, joy of laughter, angel of death, ruination and lingoless lament
-Despite the chance for grand scale reiteration, states will remain mostly the same, but with some core differences.
-Blind replaced with Feeble, which reduces your hit chance on physical abilities to 0%
-Silence reworked, instead of being a hard lock, it now makes spells cost eight times as much mana to cast.
-Berserk now also makes every attack a critical. (Before it simply made you always 'attack' and double your strength and defence.
-Time Warp (aka double cast / extra actions) is not planned for actor use. The main reason is that player turns become too lengthy, this is a symptom best seen in the final fight of Menagerie. I don't feel it makes for good gameplay.
-Large party support in and working well.
-Facesets across the entire board have been updated. Now with a nice background and border.
-New Iconset in the MV Style, can no longer use icons for battle sequences so the only reason to keep the old style of icon is now gone. Personally I'm a fan of how much tidier these look.
-Battle HUD looks more amazing than ever before, now with plenty of information regarding what's going on with your actors.
-In game Menu also looks very crisp.
-Every boss is going to need some work to be back to where they were, but alas, I won't settle for good enough, many bosses are going to be significantly better, but will leave more exquisite encounters like The Frostlord: Maw, The Sisters of Virtue and such more or less how they were, albeit with severe graphical enhancement. I've already retuned those two.
-While not going away, the artistic inconsistencies should be a lot better at hiding in plain sight.
-Some music tracks are also planned to be updated; Striving for Solace, The Joker, Intellectual Challenge and Into Strife! among. Here's a brief demo of The Joker's upcoming remaster.
-Oh also everything is 960x720 now, that's probably a given, but it's a lot of work because I have to go retune all my cutscenes, lel. Thankfully I can usually just get away with doing a lot of calculator abuse and just upping the x/y coordinates of everything by 50%. (Take original value, divide by 2, then multiply that value by three.)

Here's some media to get you tantalized, as action speaks louder than words. it's also more exciting.

Keep in mind a lot of this is still subject to change and some will have been changed ALREADY since the video previews you're seeing.
Against The Frostlord: Maw

Against the Sisters of Virtue: Blu and Yasondre

Weapon Attack Animations: (All 64 of them)


Lastly: It the Iconset.

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