Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Big PLANS!

Again, much as I'm happy to announce them, take note that most of what i say is subject to change or revision, so don't go stating I've said anything as if it is factual.

The only known fact, is that Intelligence is being ported to RPG maker MV, Not Vx Ace, and it's not staying in VX.

Here's the big question I'm gonna get asked a lot...


Many reasons, firstly no hardlocked resolution, no pitiful bugs I can't squash, and no more limited battle BS.

Those are the big ones, largely though, it's the lack of limits and more fine-tunable battle system that is the kicker, the resolution is currently undecided, between 1280x720 and 960x720... we might make support for both, but we'll see.

This was one of the announcements, and probably the most unexpected that I made on my 1000th tweet, in which a video stated Intelligence would be converted to MV, and the footage shown is all from the MV version.

This is a HUGE change, and virtually no one saw it coming, I myself didn't even consider it until yesterday, and from then, everything has been kept quiet outside of a couple quiet circles of friends.

The HD nature of it is going to be a bit more than just an upscaled resolution game, the battles will be improved to be far smoother, cutscenes will now play as videos rather than lagging the game, and several other features which i mentioned on a Gamejolt announcement are planned, too.

-Several optional "dates" you can go on with certain characters, these can all be accessed in Act 4 once you’ve beaten Yasondre for the first time by visiting the Equation Unsolved. Sometimes doing these will unlock hidden optional bosses and / or sidequests.
-Several new optional bosses, Including Neo-Fyori, M. F. Lazarus, Zardari, Neo-Esperia, Mira Crowspeaker and more!
-Flavor Text is gonna be in even MORE places, it’s also likely some Planet’s like Spriteopia (and especially it’s Darkvoid) are going to get an overhaul.
-A fully animated ending, plus additional endings depending on the dates you went on. The Start of this animated ending can be seen here:
-Even more songs for the OST, a lot of which have already been done, check out the Playlist on Youtube if you’re interested!
-A lot of current abilities will have added visual flare. Expect cut-ins and such.
-Some bug fixes, such as disabling menu opening during some mini-games which I forgot to implement.
-Adding some custom tiles to overwrite the Menagerie tiles which will make more sense, such as replacing the wall-hangings that have pictures of Fatty, Spooky, Gerald etc on them.
-Updating the Appearance of the Galaxion Zipper you use for Space Travel, while I love Avadan’s sprites and such, it’s too small seeming and I’ve had some cool ideas for customizing it.
-It’s highly possible that Haven, Zirkov and Postmartia will become planets you can land on and visit, and be host to some secrets and side content.

If I did a very basic overhaul, this could be done before January, but you know me, I don't settle for less, I bring only the very best when it comes to game releases.

Holy crap the scale of this game is becoming incredible, 80 songs in the OST, several high tier animations, 8+ hours of gameplay, and so many hidden things it might actually make you dizzy.

Also gonna fix up a couple plotholes, resulting from me making a decision but previous dialogue not backing it up, it's never anything super big, but I want everything as crisp as can be for the Greenlight Phase, yes, this game will be going to greenlight at last

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